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Identity Round Robin

"Identity Round Robin" is a collection of identity workshops covering a range of identity and access management topics. Each workshop can be done separately and there is no dependency between the workshops. These topics cover identity in general, not just the AWS IAM service. To that end you will find coverage for platform identity, application identity and infrastructure identity on AWS. Some of the services covered include AWS IAM, AWS CloudTrail, Amazon CloudWatch Events, Amazon S3, AWS Lambda, Amazon Macie, Amazon Inspector AWS Security Hub and Amazon GuardDuty. Each workshop "round" takes about 2 hours to complete (when done in a classroom setting there is usually 30 minutes devoted to a presentation and 1.5 hours of hands on work.)

  • Level: 300
  • Duration: Each workshop takes 2 hours and can be done separately:
    • Serverless Identity (2 hours)
    • Access Delegation (2 hours)
    • Permissions boundaries - advanced (2 hours)
  • CSF Functions: Protect
  • CAF Components: Preventive
  • Prerequisites: AWS Account, IAM User (with admin permissions)

Published rounds

  1. Serverless Identity
  2. Access Delegation
  3. Permissions boundaries - advanced (done via the CLI)